When Your Plumbing Backs Up, Call Roto-Rooter

When Your Plumbing Backs Up, Call Roto-Rooter

Is there water backing up in your kitchen sink? When your dishwasher is running, does the water come up in the sink and not go back down? If so, it sounds like you have a clog. If you have tried your liquid drain cleaner to no avail, you need to call Roto-Rooter and have them come and take care of this problem. For any issues regarding plumbing in Tucson that you may be up against, we have the solution.

Many times people will try all kinds of fixes before they call a professional. First, they go down to the hardware store and get a plumbing snake and try it on their clog. When that fails, they go back and will get something else, like a pressure bladder, to hook on their hose to blast out the clog. When that doesn’t work they get a longer, drill powered snake. Finally after all of their attempts, they give up and call the plumber. It would be a lot more cost-effective to get Roto-Rooter there at the start of the whole mess.

The culprit in this scenario is usually the garbage disposal. There are some communities that have attempted to ban these appliances altogether because of the havoc they wreak on city sewer systems. If you have more than one person in the house that uses it, it is vital that you give instruction on the proper use of it, to avoid as many problems in your plumbing in Tucson that you can. It is important that the disposal is run until it is clear with the water running down it. Do not put peelings from potatoes or citrus fruits or pour grease down it.

Rather than scraping your dinner plates into the disposal, scrape them into the garbage can. This will leave less of a chance of food particles getting trapped with hair and grease in the pipe. Also use an enzyme product in your drain that will eat the away at the biodegradable materials that come through your plumbing system.

On occasion, it is good to pour boiling water with vinegar down your drain. This will help remove anything stuck in your trap. Once a month it is helpful to put a drain cleaner in your pipes to keep them cleaned out and flowing faster. Plumbing disasters are no fun and can be a real headache. It is a comfort to know that the professionals at Roto-Rooter are only a phone call away.

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