When Will Your Husband Call the Plumbers?

When Will Your Husband Call the Plumbers?

We all know that as men, we like to do things ourselves. We are constantly trying to show that we are capable and that we are independent. The last thing that men want to do is to stop and ask for directions. However, all too often we make fools of ourselves because we drive around aimlessly for hours proving that we can do it. The same is true when it comes to repairs on the car or around the house. If you think about it you can likely find plenty of times in which you have tried to repair the plumbing or the A/C instead of calling in the professionals.

Wives all over the country are always begging their husbands to please call in the professional plumbers so that the issue can be resolved. In fact they often have conversations with each other about at what point would their husbands call for help from the plumbing company. We are, gentleman, the subject of the much of their ridicule behind our backs. However, we should be asking ourselves why we want to spend so much time trying to do something that we know nothing about.

Why do we feel such a need to work on the plumbing and try to fix it when we know that we know nothing about what we are doing? Sure, we are inherently more adept than most women to pull things apart and be able to fix it or at least put it back together. However, why do we feel that we must do this when our wife has suggested that we call in the plumber?

For many of us the issue is a matter of money. We know how much it is going to cost and we know that we can eventually fix it, or at least that is what we think. However, what things that you want to do or need to get done are not happening because of this need to fix the plumbing? Are we actually costing ourselves more money by not calling in the professional plumbers?

Here at Roto-Rooter, we would beg of you to think this through. If your wife is already approving the funds to pay for us to come in and take care of the issue, that will leave you more time to watch football or basketball. That will also leave you with more time to get the things done that you do need to be working on.  In addition, you will look like a hero to your wife for calling right away without her begging and you may find that you get well rewarded for that.

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