When Is It Time to Buy a New Water Heater?

When Is It Time to Buy a New Water Heater?

How great does it feel to take a hot shower, or a warm bath? Just about everybody can agree it’s a pretty good feeling, but keeping hot water available isn’t always easy. In the past, hot water meant putting water over a fire or heating it on the stove, and then mixing it with cooler water to get a warm, but not scalding, bath. Today, water heaters are installed in many homes to provide hot water straight to faucets, but sometimes the water isn’t hot enough, or is too hot. One of the most frequently asked question about plumbing in Stoney Creek is “What do I do when my water heater stops working?” The answer to this question depends on the age of the water heater, and the type of problem.

What’s the Problem?

If your shower or bathtub runs out of hot water after a short time, it’s possible that your water heater simply isn’t large enough to support your needs. This is especially possible if you have many people using hot water in a short amount of time, because the water heater simply can’t keep up with your demands. If the water is consistently too cold, no amount of thermostat adjustment will fix the issue, because there is likely a problem with the heating element, which is responsible for heating the water.


If you have a relatively new water heater, and you have a minor problem with an element or thermostat, having those parts replaced might be the right choice. The process is a bit difficult for first-timers, so professional plumbing in Stoney Creek will be worth the money.


If you have a problem that requires serious repair and your water heater is eight years old or more, it is often wiser to simply buy a new one. Replacing an element or thermostat may breathe new life into an old water heater temporarily, but a water heater that old is likely to develop new problems. Replacing an old water heater gives you a piece of equipment that is less likely to break in the near future, often comes with a warranty and is more energy efficient.

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