What to Do about Hairy Plumbing Problems

What to Do about Hairy Plumbing Problems

The bathroom is a very important room. Not only does it provide a sanitary way of handling bodily waste, but it is also where we bathe, brush our teeth, and do our hair. Nowhere in a home or apartment is plumbing more important, as the bathroom has three plumbing fixtures: a toilet, a sink, and a bath tub. Unfortunately, people are hairy, and as that hair is washed and handled in the bathroom, it often ends up going down a drain and causing problems. If you were to ask plumbers about their plumbing in Norristown, PA, you’d be surprised how many problems are caused by hair.

Why Is My Tub Draining Slowly?


If your bathtub is beginning to have issues with drainage, they may be caused by hair buildup. Not much hair comes off with each shower or bath, but over time, one or two strands can turn into a thick, water-blocking hairball, so before you go buying and using any chemicals, check for hair first. To do this, remove the switch at the drain--the one that prevents water from draining while the bathtub is in use. You may need to remove a couple screws to get it out. Check the overflow and remove any hair. If you are grossed out by the hair and soap scum that build up in a drain, you may want to wear some cheap rubber gloves.


Why Is My Bathroom Sink Draining Slowly?


If the bathroom is frequently used by a person with longer hair, the most likely culprit is hair buildup. Most bathroom sinks have stoppers, which are connected to a pop-up assembly that allows you to pull the stopper up or down. Remove the stopper and clean out any hair that is found there. If this doesn’t completely solve the problem, you may want to get under the sink and take a look at the tailpiece. Beneath the sink is a trap, or a portion of pipe that is bent in a U-shape. Just above that trap is the small portion of straight pipe called the tailpiece, and it may have a hair buildup inside.


Remaining Problems


While these problems can often be solved by removing hair, there are occasions where hair is not the culprit. However, checking for hair in these places is fairly easy, and is a good first step. If no hair is found, or the hair removal doesn’t solve the problem, then it is a good idea to call for professional plumbing in Norristown, PA.


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