What Plumbers Hate about Their Jobs

August 06, 2015

Okay, we are never one to complain as plumbers, but there are some things that bug all plumbers in Winnipeg. In particular, we do not like going into a home or a business and finding a lot of strange bugs living under the sink. We want to fix the sink, not become a person who studies bugs. Nobody wants to battle insects while they are trying to repair your plumbing. Here are some things that you can do to solve this issue.

  1. First, make sure that there is no water leaking under the sink. Check this from time to time. If you do find a leak, use a towel to soak up the water as it leaks and have it repaired quickly. Water is going to attract bugs and mice.
  2. Clean out from under the counter from time to time. Sweep it out and wipe it down. If there is anything for bugs to feed on under there they will.
  3. Spiders and ants are the most common bugs under there. Use insect spray to kill the bugs from time to time. Again, if there is nothing under there for them to feed on then you will have a lot better chance of keeping them out of there.

We understand when we get under sinks that we are likely to encounter a few gross things and one of the main annoyances that we will face are the bugs.

I have met many different plumbers in Winnipeg over my years as a plumber and one of the things that they always tell me  are the stories about the largest bugs they have found under the sinks that they were working on. It is just one of the stories that plumbers share with one another. The other types of stories that plumbers share is the nasty conditions under which they work all of the time. While bugs are a part of that conversation it will go much deeper than that. It’s scary the things that plumbers have to face each and every day, bugs, filth, rodents, snakes, etc. Most of you would protest to have to work under these conditions and yet we do it each and every day.


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