What Plumbers do you Know Personally?

What Plumbers do you Know Personally?

In life it is always about who you know and not what you know. That is the case in almost every circumstance that you can think of. This is also true when it comes to getting a nice deal on your plumbing repairs. If you know plumbers personally you can call them and see if they will come and do the repair on their own time so that you can save money and they can make more. Have you ever wondered if they were under a no compete clause from their work?

If you are going to hire the plumber that you know personally you will need to make sure that they are permitted to perform plumbing work aside from the work they do for their employer.

It is a good idea to ask your friends and family that are plumbers if they have signed a no-compete clause with their work and if they can really help you or not. It is also good to ask them how they would like to be paid for the work and when and where that needs to take place.

When you know plumbers personally who cannot come and do the work for you, because of no compete clauses that they have signed, you can still ask them questions about it. They can still help you do some things on your own by answering your questions on how to do it. This gives plumbers a way to help without breaking their no compete clauses. The advice may be free but many plumbing companies expect their employees to bring the work to the business they work for, not operate a side business at night and on weekends.

Once you have established that relationship in a professional sense with the people that you know personally, you can get a better feel or all of the external factors that play a role in everything. You can better understand how and when they can help and when they cannot. This will allow both you and the plumber to avoid any steps that could be problematic. For instance, the plumber’s boss might fire him if he learns that his employee is doing side work for you. And let’s say something goes wrong with the repair work in a month and your friend the plumber has moved away. Don’t expect to call his employer and get him to honor any perceived warranty. It won’t happen.

Plumbers are the people that keep things moving in this world. We rely on them every day to keep our drains clear and toilets flushing. We need them to make sure that we maintain hot water in our homes. They play a role that is important to our society and now it is time to step aside and let them do their jobs. Additionally, they are professionals with a great deal of knowledge and experience. Plumbers take offense when the public questions whether a plumber’s time is any less valuable than that of a lawyer, doctor, mechanic or other experienced professional.

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