What is your funny faucet repair story?

What is your funny faucet repair story?

If we cannot laugh at ourselves in this life we are wound way too tight. If you have ever attempted a faucet repair on your own before chances are that you have some funny stories to tell about it. So what is your funny story from fixing the faucet for the first time?

One of the most obvious and funniest for many people is the fact that they forget to turn the water off before beginning to tear the faucet apart. It does not take long before they are getting soaked from the constant flow of water. It can be a bit disconcerting to not know how to handle things at that moment, but they are fun memories to think of down the road when you are removed from the situation.

Another common issue with faucet repair has to do with the sprayer at the kitchen sink. In the process of repairing things there are times when the sprayer was triggered prior to fixing the faucet and the water was shut off with the sprayer on. Once the faucet is fixed and the water is turned back on at the sink, instead of the water coming through the faucet, it comes through the sprayer – often, it is pointed directly at whomever is at the sink.

If you have any videos of things like this it would be a good idea to share those on the internet. If not, you will simply enjoy telling the story over and over again. Of course, when you do this you can embellish the story each time you tell it and make it as juicy and funny as you would like to.

Don’t be shy about sharing your funny story about fixing the faucet. We all like those stories because they are things that we can identify with. These are the things that we have done ourselves at one time or another. Faucet repair is just one of those things that can garner a lot of great stories to be told over and over again.

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