What is Worse than Frozen Pipes (Hint: It Involves Super Bowl)

What is Worse than Frozen Pipes (Hint: It Involves Super Bowl)

It is the middle of the winter and Santa has now settled in for his long winters nap. The weather keeps most of us inside most of the time at this time of year because of how cold it is. However, this is not bad at all compared to having to deal with Minneapolis frozen pipes. There are few things worse than dealing with pipes that are frozen in the middle of the winter. However, if you're a football fan, there are some things that are worse than this. Below is a list of some of those things.

  1. Having the Satellite dish go out during the Super Bowl is by far worse than your pipes freezing in the middle of the winter.
  2. Running out of snacks before the Super Bowl is over is a lot worse.
  3. Having your favorite team not even make the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl is far worse than dealing with frozen pipes.
  4. Having your team lose one game shy of the Super Bowl is also worse.
  5. Having your team lose in the Super Bowl is far more gut-wrenching than having a burst pipe in your home.
  6. When your co-workers favorite team beat your team in the Super Bowl the following Monday can be sheer torture.
  7. Missing the best commercial of Super Bowl night because you had to go to the bathroom.
  8. Having the opposite team make a field goal at the end to win the Super Bowl over your team.
  9. Losing the Super Bowl because of a stupid turnover when you were in position to win of you could just run out the clock.
  10. Missing the Super Bowl, commercial, food and fun because your neighbor called and asked you to come and help out because he has an emergency at his home because he has had Minneapolis frozen pipes burst and now needs to clean up quickly.

 No matter how bad it is to have pipes freeze it can always get worse. Keep these things in mind and take every precaution you can when it comes to your Super Bowl plans and then do what you can to make sure you do not have a pipes freeze up on you too.

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