What Is Causing Your Sewer Problem?

What Is Causing Your Sewer Problem?

Any issues with your sewer can quickly add up to a big investment of time and money. Being aware of the warning signs and prevention measures of common sewer problems can help you to avoid a problem in the future. Typical problems with sewer lines include the following:

  • Tree root nets - This occurs when hair-like tree roots work their way into your pipes through a small seam or crack. They will eventually block the flow of water. The smallest of roots can grow to a very large size and should not be overlooked.
  • Growing roots can create larger cracks or holes in the pipe. If roots can grow in, then raw sewage can get out. Homes that are 20 years old or older are more susceptible to experiencing problems with tree roots.
  • If your home was built before 1980 or does not have PVC pipes, your piping is at risk of corroding, disintegrating, or collapsing.
  • If your pipes were not installed correctly or were installed using inferior materials, then you may have larger problems down the road.
  • Tree and plant roots, broken tiles, bad mortar connections, inline traps, negative grade sloping, pipe sagging or cracking, sludge buildup, or pipe cracks can typically cause a blockage in your line.

Treat the Problem

There are a number of effective root destroyers that can help you to control a root problem. Typically, a twice-a-year application of this affordable product can help to maintain a healthy system by retarding the growth of roots in your drain line. By simply flushing the dosage down the toilet, you can flush the product directly into the line and the source of the problem. Your plumber should be able to recommend a quality product for you to use.

Make sure to also have your sewer inspected at least once every three to five years.  Your trusted plumbing company can inspect the pipes for current or potential problems. Choose a plumber that specializes in both plumbing and sewer cleaning services to ensure that they can meet your sewer maintenance, inspection, and repair needs.

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