What Caused Your Plumbing Problems?

What Caused Your Plumbing Problems?

There comes a time every now and then when you find the sink backed up or the toilet clogged and not flushing. It may seem like a small inconvenience at the time, but once you have tried to plunge the toilet or used the Drano on the clogged sink and nothing happens, that small inconvenience becomes a rather large one and one that you get to pay for the privilege of having. There are many things that can cause these problems. Just ask the people who work on plumbing problems in Vista, CA and you will likely hear some great stories.

So the question is, was your plumbing problem caused by something out of your control or was it something, although out of your control, a little embarrassing. For example, one of the most common causes of backed up toilets and sinks that cannot be solved with plunging or Drano is the random child’s toy that they sent down the drain or tried flushing.  There is also the diaper that is sent down by the child trying to potty train. It is amazing the things that plumbers find on calls like this and it sure gives them something to talk about around the water cooler at work, so to speak.

Falling into the category of not your fault and beyond the control of anyone in your home, is the eroding pipe that then allows roots from the tree to grow through it so much so that water will no longer flow through the pipe. Another of these happens when a very unlikely event occurs, such as an errant snake or rodent that gets stuck in the pipe.

As you can tell there is an almost endless amount of stories that can go around the water cooler at the shop with plumbers discussing the plumbing problems in Vista. However, they are all funny and interesting and fun to share with all the other plumbers and so it happens.

A couple words of advice if you have children in your home. Do not be embarrassed, because plumbers understand that things like this happen and they have seen it all. They can see your toddlers and put two and two together. Put plugs in the sink drains to prevent them from sending things down. Most of all, be willing to laugh it off when it does happen to you.

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