Wedding Dress Made out of Toilet Paper

Wedding Dress Made out of Toilet Paper

Book the caterer. Contact the Florist. And glue the dress together? Susan Brennan of Michigan competed in’s seventh annual Toilet-Paper Wedding Dress Contest, and according to Susan Bian, Co-Owner of Boca Raton, said that Brennan’s dress stood out among the 800 entries they received that year. Working as closely as we do with toilet paper here at Roto-Rooter of Orlando, we wanted to share this story, even though it's a little off-topic from our usual Orlando plumbing repair topics.

The dress was held together with glue and tape like a third grade art project, but the dress used many techniques that gave the dress a very modern and couture dress look. However, the dress will never participate in some lucky bride’s isle walk because Ripley’s Believe it or Not will have it hanging in one of their museums. Let’s just hope they clearly mark that the dress is meant for absorbing wedding tears and not wedding rears.

As Orlando plumbers, we tend to see toilet paper of the, ahem, used variety so it is difficult to imagine a bride choosing it for her wedding dress. But we must admit the dresses are beautiful if you follow the link and view them yourself, we think you'll agree. On the flip side, if you need an Orlando plumbing company to come out and help remove a wedding dress-sized toilet paper clog from your toilet or sewer line, you know who to call. The number is 407-886-7311. Or you can schedule our service on-line by clicking here.

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