Water Temperature Advice

Water Temperature Advice

Roto-Rooter Plumbers have recently handled several inquiries related to water temperature and thought they would share their advice. Usually, people are comfortable with the hot water temperature set at 120°F in their homes, which is the new manufacturers’ pre-set standard. On an older thermostat this temperature would be equivalent to a medium setting.  On gas models there should be a dial on the front of the gas valve and on electric models the thermostat is most likely concealed behind two panels on the side of the tank.  (CAUTION: Turn off the electricity before removing panels due to high voltage)

If you are having problems running out of hot water in your home, it typically will be due to one of two things. One possibility is that your dip tube has broken off.  A dip tube is the tube that directs incoming water to the bottom of your tank so hot water will be initially drawn from the top. When the dip tube breaks, it can allow cold water to mix with the hot water, thus decreasing the overall water temperature.

The other, will be due to the type of water heater you have. If your water heater is electric, the lower unit that heats the water may not be functioning properly.  This usually linked to a faulty thermostat, which should be evaluated by one of our skilled Denver Plumbers.

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