Water Restoration a Fit for Roto-Rooter | Roto-Rooter Blog

Water Restoration a Fit for Roto-Rooter | Roto-Rooter Blog

 After 79 years of providing sewer and drain services and 34 years as a full-service plumbing repair provider, we at Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service can confidently say we do these things better than anyone else. So it was not without a great deal of thought that Roto-Rooter expanded its service menu to include water damage restoration services. The fact is that taking care of water damage is not a big stretch beyond our core competencies. Every day in the course of our normal work, we see the damage caused by water and sewage backups.

The way it used to go, homeowners and business managers would call in Roto-Rooter to fixRoto-Rooter at the door whatever plumbing problem caused the flood in the first place. Our expert plumbers and sewer and drain technicians responded quickly to resolve the issue. Then, they would refer the owner to a water restoration company to pump out the water and mitigate the structural damage left behind. Very often, the homeowner would say, “can’t you guys just take care of it?” The fact is that we had some of the pumping equipment necessary to do it ourselves but we weren’t fully invested in water restoration. That changed a couple of years ago when we set up a couple of our branches to do water restoration work and serve as prototypes.

The experiment proved to be a complete success so last year we began a major investment in top-line, stat-of-the-art water restoration equipment and, at the same time, we rolled out a recruitment program to attract some of the most experienced water restoration experts to bring a first class water restoration brain trust to Roto-Rooter. They helped us establish a dedicated first class training program that is fully certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Now our customers don’t have to worry about calling anyone else in the event of a water emergency. All it takes is one call to Roto-Rooter and home and business owners can rest assured that their water problems will be handled as quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as their sewer and drain problems have been since 1935.

To show our customers the full range of water damage mitigation services provided by Roto-Rooter, we produced this water restoration video. We hope you’ll find this information helpful.

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