Water in Yard - A Natural Issue or Plumbing Problem ?

April 14, 2015

We have natural ground water coming up in the front yard. Who can we contact about our plumbing problems?

If you are sure it is natural ground water and not a septic tank or water service line that is causing the problem, you probably need to speak to your local department of natural resources.

If it is not natural water, contact your licensed plumbing specialists for a leak detection Baltimore Roto-Rooter can assist you with this plumbing service.

If it is natural, then you will have to look at installing a french drain leech line under the ground to collect the water and direct it away from the yard and out to the street's storm drain or drainage area.

A french drain is a tube that has perforations to allow the water to flow into the pipe. The outside is covered with a filter sock to prevent sand from entering and the whole pipe is encased in 3/4 inch pea gravel in a trench. A filter paper is installed on top of the gravel and your soil is reinstalled on top of the whole thing, so you can't see the drain when it is done.

Should you need help installing a french drain, Roto-Rooter can assist with the plumbing repair.


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