Water Heater Tidbits From Roto-Rooter

Water Heater Tidbits From Roto-Rooter

Do you enjoy waking up to the satisfying feeling of a hot steamy shower in the morning? There's nothing better to start out the day right than that. Not only does the hot water calm down your mind and body, it gives you the kind of jolt a sleepy head needs to get going. However, when all you can get is freezing cold water in the morning for your shower, the jarring effect can give you headaches and put you in a crummy mood from the get go. Did you know that water heaters are very important because they are the source behind the luxury of hot water? Water heaters are constantly filling up with water and heating a supply big enough to handle dishwashers, showers, and washing machines on demand. They even work all day and night. It takes very little time for a unit to reach a breaking point with this type of demand bogging it down. Roto-Rooter has decided to share useful information to help you take better care of your water-heating unit so that it will last a bit longer, with the help of water heater repair in Orlando.


  • Water heaters on average only last about eleven years if taken care of lightly. Even with good care, it can be hard to get fifteen years out of a unit. Think about tankless water heating technology when it comes time for a replacement. Tankless water heaters use very little energy and can reduce your monthly utility bills by quite a lot. These units deliver hot water straight to you, right when you need it.
  • Hard water will do a number on your water heater and even cause problems in the rest of your plumbing as well. If your water softener stops working for any reason, make sure that only soft water runs through your unit. This will cut the amount of problems that you face in half and add a few more usable years onto it.
  • You should have repairs, cleaning, and maintenance done on your water heater regularly. This type of tune-up adds use and functionality to your machine. While you should have yearly inspections done on your entire plumbing layout, make sure to have your Roto-Rooter technicians take special care to go over all the needs of your water heater during their visits.


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