Water Heater Repair Tips and Tricks

Water Heater Repair Tips and Tricks

Do you know who Roto-Rooter is? Are you familiar with their outstanding service and professionalism? Do you want another level of care that goes above and beyond traditional plumbing service providers? With our brand, you will quickly fall in love with all of the different products, tools, and services that we provide to all our customers at competitive prices that will fit your budget, so you can include everything you need to get a job done correctly. With our help, Independence, MO, water heater repair will get done quicker and easier than ever before. Along with great resources that we've mentioned already, this guide will also help you get the information you need from the authority that you already trust.

 Corrosion Trouble

There are a lot of different things that cause a water heater to start corroding. One of the indirect ways that causes a lot of issues is the water softener. Over time, water softeners have to be regularly filled with salts and other products so that the system can properly treat water before it gets to the water heater and other appliances. Hard water has a lot of calcium that can stain plumbing fixtures and cause issues inside of water heater. If given enough time, hard water will actually completely shut down a water heater.

After making sure that the water softener is working correctly, look inside of your water heater for the anode rod. Inside every water heater is a component responsible for minimizing corrosion in the tank. Every few years, however, this rod needs to be switched out for a new one in order to function properly at all times. If you do not know where to buy an anode rod for your particular water heater model, consult the manufacturer's guide to see a list of product providers where you can order one. Roto-Rooter will most likely be at the top of that list. A great time to switch out a water heater anode rod is during a flush.

Water Heater Flushing

Over time, buildup needs to be blasted out of a water heater through a process known as "flushing." All you have to do is attach a hose to the drainage valve on the bottom of the water heater, run the hose to a drain, turn on the drainage valve, allow the hot water to drain completely, and then let the hot water continue to run and push out all the buildup from inside. This Independence, MO, water heater repair technique will get the job done nicely.

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