Water Heater Repair: Replacement Tips

Water Heater Repair: Replacement Tips

With water heater repair in Indianapolis on the rise, people want to know what they can do to make their water heaters more efficient in energy use and lifespan. Since we use water so much everyday, especially warm water for washing, water heaters are constantly on the job 24/7 to make sure that hot water is ready right when we need it. Since most water heaters only last about 11 years on average, you can expect to buy a replacement if a repair is too expensive to justify. In the event that you need to buy a new one, pick on up from Roto-Rooter. Along with our many great models to choose from, our installation service is top of the line. Even if you decide on a product we don't sell, our technicians are still certified for installation. Hire us, and we'll get it installed correctly and get you started on the right foot.

Traditional Water Heater

 They come with their own problems. Whether gas or electric, older models have a large tank of water to keep heated at all times. Since they are constantly sucking gas and electricity to keep water hot all day, your overall energy costs each month are mostly from your water heater. On top of that, older water heater technology isn't as robust as some of the newer models manufacturers are coming out with. Even so, using a water softener at all times and performing regular maintenance, you can make a heater last longer than 11 years.

On Demand

 While your local cable or satellite service has on demand programming, Roto-Rooter can hook you up with a tankless water heater that can get your the hot water you need on demand. Since the heater doesn't have a tank of water to heat up all day long and it only heats water that you need right then, you will notice a drastic decrease in your monthly energy bill. As soon as water starts passing through the heater, it zaps the water hot. Another great benefit of these newer heaters is their longevity. One average they last about 20 years and with care can last up to 30.

Safety First

 Hot water heaters can be set at a maximum temperature of your choice. While most new models won't get scalding hot, older ones will. Make sure to check the max temperature so it isn't set too hot. Accidents happen and serious burns occur. Set the temperature low and avoid them altogether.

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