Water Heater Repair, Replacement, and Energy Efficiency

Water Heater Repair, Replacement, and Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for water heater repair in Minneapolis, look no further than your own local Roto-Rooter. With years of experience behind all that we do, we offer top of the line service, products, and people to fit any situation perfectly. Hot water is an important commodity in most homes these days. From hot morning showers to the joys of a dishwasher, a working water heater is extremely important to have. In the event that you experience a water heater failure, a full replacement may be in order. We can help you choose from the many models that we sell that best fits your needs. If, however, you find a water heater elsewhere, our technicians are trained to install all brands. Give us a call and we'll make sure it gets installed quickly and correctly.

Traditional Water Heaters

Water heaters are powered by gas or electricity to heat a large tank of water. The tank is kept at a constant temperature all day long so that you have hot water right when needed. The problem with these big water heaters is that because of the constant heating all day, they can break down every now and again. In fact, water heaters only last about 11 years on average. If properly taken care of, they can last longer, depending on the local water source. Hard water does a number on the inner workings of a water heater, so it is important to have a water softener installed to help keep minerals at bay and limit the amount of stress on the heater.


The cost of a water heater adds up over time with the monthly energy costs, repairs, and eventual replacement (which can cost a lot of money). Older water heaters hold lots of water and heat it all day, even when you are not home. New tank-less water heaters deliver hot water only on demand. This means that when you turn the water on, the heater kicks in and zaps it to the desired temperature. Along with being extremely energy efficient, they last on average 20 years! If maintained properly, they may last even longer than that.


It can be dangerous keeping an old water heater in your home. Max temperatures can be set so that there is always plenty of hot water available. The problem with setting the max too high is the possibility of scalding burns. Make sure to set your max at a reasonable temperature that won't injure. Plumbers recommend setting the temperature at 120-degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding but deliver a reliable supply of hot water. Older water heaters can often times be unpredictable, so have them inspected to make sure they are working properly every few years.

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