Water Heater Repair in Nashville

Water Heater Repair in Nashville

For millennia, people who wanted hot water were forced to build a fire and heat it up. Since that was such a hassle, most people got used to bathing in lakes, pools, and rivers; and if you were the youngest or least important person in the household in the winter, you probably got to bathe in the now tepid, dirty water everyone else left behind. The Romans, however, learned how to heat water in one place and pipe it to bathing pools. If you wanted a soak, you were invited to come and enjoy the social atmosphere of the baths.

These days, we’re grumpy if we don’t get a hot shower the minute we want it. In order to have hot water the moment you turn on the faucet, you’ll need a water heater. Conventional gas and electric water heaters have tanks that can hold many gallons of water, heated and ready to be sent to the shower or kitchen sink. As you use up the reserves, cold water is piped in and heated. A long, lingering shower can drain the water tank of heated water, and the next person probably won’t thank you for the cold shower they experience.

Tankless water heaters heat water instantly, continuously pumping out perfectly heated water on demand. More energy efficient than conventional water heaters, they’re being installed in increasing numbers in homes around the country.

Fortunately, our team of Roto-Rooter technicians are trained for any water heater repair in Nashville that you need. Conventional or tankless, we’re ready to keep you in hot water.

A conventional water heater should last around 11 years, although hard water can shorten its life. As water moves through rock, it picks up and dissolves minerals like calcium and magnesium. Over time, the minerals in your water are deposited along the insides of your plumbing pipes and become sediment in your water heater. If your water heater makes bubbly noises when it’s on, it’s caused by the sediment at the bottom of the tank being disturbed by the action of cold water being drawn in through the intake pipe. You can install a house-wide water softener to filter out those minerals, which will make all of your plumbing happier by reducing the amount of deposits. Mineral buildup is often responsible for slow heating.

If you aren’t getting any hot water, you think something is wrong with your water heater, or you want regular maintenance performed, we’re your Nashville water heater repair specialists, eager and anxious to help you regain those hot showers you love so much.

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