Water Heater Repair and Plumbing Maintenance Guide

Water Heater Repair and Plumbing Maintenance Guide

No matter how well you take care of your property, your house can always use a little extra TLC in areas that you don't know as much about. When the lawn is mowed, the floors are swept, and the roof is fixed to perfection, there is still an important system that is often completely overlooked—the plumbing. As evidenced by the increased need for water heater repair and frozen pipes in the winter, it is obvious that a little advice from Roto-Rooter to all of our customers will go a long way. As a leader in the plumbing industry since 1935, we have built a brand associated with the best service, products, and professionals around. With experience that goes far beyond the normal day-to-day routine, take the following advice when dealing with your own plumbing at home.


Alternate Water Heating Solutions


Water heaters only last about eleven years on average. Rather than wait to replace your unit, why not do what you can to make it last longer? The best thing you can do for your heating unit is to have a yearly inspection done. With each inspection, pay the technician to make any small repairs for servicing. If you do this regularly, you can almost double the life of the heating unit. In the event that you really do need to replace the entire water heater, consider going tankless. Tankless water heaters use thermal technology to heat water extremely fast as the water passes through. On-demand hot water heaters use far less energy and will save you a bundle on your bill each month.


Use Soft, Not Hard, Water


Soft water is a water heater's best friend. As long as you keep your water softener functioning properly, you will eliminate at least half of the issues that arise in a water heater. You have probably already seen what hard water will do to plumbing as calcium buildup clogs faucets and stains showers. This calcium will do a number on your water heater.


Prevent Freezing Pipes


Frozen pipes cause thousands of headaches each winter. Why not be a little more prepared for next winter and keep frozen pipes out of your repair costs? As water expands and freezes, it is actually the trapped air that causes problems. The forming ice pushes on the trapped air until the pockets force their way out, bursting through cracks and even shattering pipes. To prevent this from happening, insulation is key. Boost the insulation in your walls and wrap exposed pipes with special plumbing insulation products.


For more information about water heater repair, and how to deal with frozen pipes this winter, call Roto-Rooter to speak with a professional today.

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