Water Heater Repair and Maintenance with Roto-Rooter

Water Heater Repair and Maintenance with Roto-Rooter

There's nothing like waking up in the morning and feel a warm shower massage your body. Adversely, there's also nothing like waking up in the morning to cold water hitting your body with a shock. With water heater repair being one of the most common reasons people call a plumber, we here at Roto-Rooter would like to help out with some tips and tricks for maintaining a well oiled machine. It will last longer, have fewer problems, and keep that water nice and hot in the morning so your shower is always reliably warm. While these tips might be considered "common sense," for anyone who doesn't work in the plumbing industry, there is always something to learn from Roto-Rooter professionals of value.

Water heaters break down easily. The average water heater only lasts about 11 years but in many cases not even that long. Replacements are expensive and can run you at least several hundred dollars and sometimes over a thousand dollars.

  • It is wise to schedule a yearly or bi-annual inspection of your home plumbing. A Roto-Rooter professional can scan your house from top to bottom from the front yard to the back and make sure that everything is working correctly. He or she can also take a look at your water heater and ensure that everything is ship-shape. They will provide you with a list of things that need work. Don't skimp on the water heater. If there is something that will only cost a bit to fix, this is much preferable to ignoring the issue and having an even more expensive problem later on (like replacement, for example).  Regular maintenance can easily double the life of a water heater, so it is well worth the effort to invest in maintenance.

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