Water Heater Money-Saving Tips from Roto-Rooter in Oakland

Water Heater Money-Saving Tips from Roto-Rooter in Oakland

There are very few things comparable to stepping into a large Jacuzzi tub full of hot water. While you might enjoy this luxury, you might not enjoy the costs associated with heating the water. Roto-Rooter in Oakland offers the following information to help you save money on your utility bill.

Gas versus Electric Water Heaters

The amount of money you spend depends in part on what type of water heater you have. Generally speaking, the cost of running a gas water heater is much less than the cost of operating an electric one. There are a couple of reasons why gas is cheaper:

  • Although the price of gas has risen in the past few years, usually it is still less expensive than electricity.
  • It takes longer for an electric water heater to heat and reheat the water in the tank, thus you use more energy.

If you need more information about the differences between gas and electric appliances, give Roto-Rooter a call.

Energy Efficient Appliances

When it's time to replace your current appliance make sure you check the EnergyGuide label. The EnergyGuide label is a yellow sticker that is attached to the outside of the appliance. Federal law requires that this label be attached to all appliances. It contains the following information:

  • The energy efficiency rating
  • The first hour rating (FHR)
  • Approximate cost to operate the water heater in one year
  • Comparison of that particular water heater against other water heaters
  • Whether or not the appliance is qualified as an ENERGY STAR appliance

Water Heater Timers

A water heater time lets you control things such as when the water heater will turn on or what temperature it heats the water to. For instance, you can program the timer to reduce hot water during the night when everyone is sleeping or during the day when the house is empty. Water heater timers are common for electric appliances, but you can also find them for gas water heaters. You can find these timers in the plumbing section of a hardware store or through an Oakland Roto-Rooter plumber.

Insulation blanket

The insulation built into an older water heater may not be as thick or efficient as insulation in newer appliances. If you have a less-efficient appliance, you can purchase a special blanket to wrap around the tank to help insulate the water. These blankets are specially designed with safety features. Do not use a regular blanket; it poses a fire hazard. Not all water heaters need a blanket, however. You can determine whether or not you need one with a simple test. Put the back of your hand against the tank. If it is cool when you touch it you do not need an insulating blanket.

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