Water Heater Leaking Repair and Emergency Steps

Water Heater Leaking Repair and Emergency Steps

Water heaters are challenging for homeowners. These plumbing appliances take a lot of beating from the constant heating of water coming in and going out and can eventually give under the pressure if not maintained correctly. Do you notice your water heater leaking? Do you smell a gas leak in the basement? While you should regularly schedule Roto-Rooter service visits for a water heater, it is especially crucial to call a professional right away at the first sign of leakage. It is, however, important to locate where the leak is coming from and give that information to the technician. Water heater leaking is usually because of the following reasons:

The structure of the unit is failing—whether in the encasement or structural components, the first sign of failure will result in a puddle forming underneath the unit.

  1. The overflow tube isn't connected properly—there are two tubes coming in and out of the top of the unit. The first tube is the cold water and the second is the hot water leaving the unit. Make sure not to touch the hot water leak, as it will burn you.
  2. If you have a gas powered water heater, a leak in this line will result in toxic fumes in the air that you should be able to easily notice. Install gas detectors in the vicinity of the water heater in order to stay on top of an issue like this and avoid fire.

Roto-Rooter is the trusted name in the industry for water heater maintenance and repair. Our local Winnipeg Roto-Rooter technicians are familiar and experienced with all makes and models. They can correctly service your unit quickly and efficiently. For  water heater leaking problems, there are a few things you can do to help make the tech's job a little bit easier before his or her visit.

First, use the guide above to locate where the water is leaking.

  1. Second, find the cold waterline and find the cut-off valve. Shutting off the incoming water will prevent flooding and water damage from occurring.
  2. If leakage is still apparent after shutting off the incoming water, grab a bucket and open up the pressure valve to allow hot water to empty into it. This will minimize leaking water as well.
  3. Shut off the gas line and turn off the circuit breaker going to the unit. This will prevent the possibility of fire.

For more information about water heater leaking services, call Roto-Rooter to set up an appointment today.



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