Water Heater Leaking Problems: Knowing What to Do

Water Heater Leaking Problems: Knowing What to Do

When you suffer with water heater leaking problems, your first reaction might be to throw your hands in the air, grab a newspaper, sit in your living room recliner, and forget about life for a while. As you sit in your recliner and ponder the finer things in life, you may realize that it is not the end of the world and there are experts in the field of water heater maintenance that will gladly fix or replace your water heater. All you need to do is give Roto-Rooter a call and we will be right over.

When a water heater begins to leak, it may be one of a few possible problems. Perhaps there is a loose connection to a water supply located on the top of the tank. If that is the case, simply tightening the connection may be all that is necessary to correct the problem. However, if there are problems with cross threading or stripped connector threads, turn off the water supply valve, unscrew the connection, apply a few wraps of Teflon tape to the connector threads, and fasten the connection once again. This should correct the leak problems.

It may be possible that the water heater drain valve has been opened slightly. This is the valve located at the base of your tank. Make sure that valve is completely closed. In addition, if your water heater builds-up too much pressure in the tank, the pressure relief valve may activate. If you discover that your water heater leaking problems are originating from the tank, this may be the result of corrosion. In this case, it is usually necessary to replace the water heater. Do not be discouraged. Be thankful that your water heater lasted as long as it did and look forward to getting another, possibly more efficient model.

There are many types of water heaters on the market. You may decide to purchase another heater that is the same size and model as the previous one. If that is the case, it will be a cinch installing the new heater and you will be up-and-running in a jiffy. However, you may decide that because of your new jetted tub, you need more hot water than before. In that case, discuss with your Roto-Rooter specialist the possibility of installing a bigger tank. If space in your utility room is an issue, you may have to do some remodeling before your larger tank can be installed. Discuss those issues with your contractor.

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