Water Heater Leaking: Know Your Plumbing

Water Heater Leaking: Know Your Plumbing

If you are concerned about your Delray Beach, FL, water heater leaking, you should do something about it! Our local Roto-Rooter service technicians will take care of the problem. Just give us a call. We are known to respond to problems any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

Plumbing is one of those professions that attract a special kind of person. It is a good thing that some folks do not grow out of the desire to play in the mud and reach into murky holes, because those are a few of the things that plumbers are called on to do. They are also known to be fix-it types. They can look at a complicated mechanical problem and understand instantly how to fix it. Every time you hear your toilet flush successfully, you can thank a plumber!

Common Plumbing Problems
As a homeowner, you know that your home is full of appliances and fixtures that could break or wear out at any moment. Fortunately, they don’t. In fact, most of the mechanical items in your home are very hardy and will last a long time if they are maintained properly throughout the year. However, you have probably experienced drain clogs or toilets that won’t flush. Perhaps you have encountered a water heater that is full of sediment and needs to be drained.

If you establish a preventive maintenance program for your home, you will be on top of any problematic systems in your home. You will know when a drain is starting to show signs of clogging. You will be able to point out the toilet that is going to need a new float valve soon. You will know exactly how long ago the filters were replaced in your air conditioning and furnace systems. If your home has not had preventive maintenance, today is a good time to start a program.

A Home Preventive Maintenance Program 

  • Filters should be changed every three months
  • Flush the hot water heater
  • Test the sump pump
  • Remove the corrosion and hard water build-up from any plumbing fixtures containing moving parts
  • Remove the weeds and trash from around the air conditioning condenser
  • Clean out the area around the base of the water heater tank and check for Delray Beach, FL, water heater leaking
  • Wrap the hot water heater in insulation and secure it to a wall

For any assistance you need in your quest to maintain your plumbing fixtures and appliances, call Roto-Rooter.


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