Water Heater Leaking Issues and Repair Information

Water Heater Leaking Issues and Repair Information

How is your current water heating system holding up? Are you having problems getting the hot water you need on a daily basis? Are you struggling to clean up Morgantown, water heater leaking after botched repair jobs? Before things get worse, take a moment to call Roto-Rooter and set up an appointment with a certified and trained technician who can not only help you pinpoint where the problem is, but also resolve the issue in just a few moments. Our technicians here at Roto-Rooter are experienced and familiar with most water heaters out there. You would have to try hard to show them a problem they have not seen before.


Morgantown Water Heater Leaking


Water heater leaking is a problem because not only does it make a mess and cause water damage in the home, but it also minimizes water pressure needed for showers, laundry, and dishwashing. When you first notice leaking, take not of where the water is collecting. Most leaks will escape from the water heater tank. As water pressure rises within a system, leaks can develop in the tank of a heating unit. The only effective way to ensure that a repair doesn't spring a leak anytime soon is to call a Roto-Rooter technician to come out and adjust the pressure within your system. Most plumbing systems are not designed to handle pressures over sixty-psi. Older systems are at risk of serious flooding if spikes far above normal psi become frequent.


Water Heater Safety


The water heater in your home is a great appliance that enhances the convenience of running water. If, however, you do not understand the working parts of your unit, there are possible problems that can develop and cause serious problems in concern with your safety. Water heaters function by automated processes that kick in to heat water as it starts to cool. For natural gas systems, this means that a pilot light is always lit and becomes a large flame that heats the tank when temperatures drop below a certain marker. If your system starts to leak at some point, the pilot light may be out. When this happens, gas starts to leak into the surrounding space. This can quickly turn into a lethal situation for those who are unaware. Make sure to always keep your pilot light lit and to turn off the gas before performing any repairs to the system.

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