Water Heater Leaking Emergency Roto-Rooter Steps

Water Heater Leaking Emergency Roto-Rooter Steps

Is your water heater leaking? Do you notice a small puddle forming on the floor underneath the appliance? Can you smell a gas leak in the basement? When a water heater starts leaking, it is usually because of a couple things.

The overflow tube connections are failing and need to be replaced or tightened.

  1. The structure of the heater itself is failing, such as the tank and encasement.
  2. The gas line is no longer connected properly, allowing toxic fumes to escape.

While you should always call a Roto-Rooter technician right away for water heater leaking , there are a couple emergency steps that should be taken first before doing anything else. Anything you can do to prevent water damage or other serious issues will help make the technician's job much easier. Use the following steps to prep for a visit from a professional:

First, locate where the leak is coming from. If the water leak is coming from the actual structure, find the cold water pipe leading into the tank and follow it backwards. There should be a switch that can be turned off to prevent more water from filling the tank.

  1. Second, relieve the pressure from the tank by allowing the excess water to flow out of a relief spout into a bucket.
  2. Third, turn off the gas line leading into the unit and turn off the circuit breaker so there is no power going to it.
  3. While relieving pressure from the unit, make sure not to touch the hot water to avoid burns. Allow it to cool for a few minutes first.
  4. If you are having trouble finding the switch to turn off the water, you can also turn off the water valve coming into the house to avoid issue altogether. While your entire house will be without water, this will prevent any type of flooding until a technician can take a closer look at the situation.

It is important to recognize that water heaters are sensitive devices and have plenty of components that need regular maintenance and care in order to work correctly. Letting any type of problem go unchecked or unnoticed for a period can lead to serious water damage, and in some cases, even fire. For the most reliable service for water heater leaking, Roto-Rooter is the safest choice all around. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced enough to make any repair a quick and safe experience from start to finish.

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