Water Heater Leaking: Disaster Preparedness

Water Heater Leaking: Disaster Preparedness

If you do not have enough stress in your life, try imaging your water heater leaking. Visualize a large puddle forming on your utility room floor that is too big for the floor drain to handle and everything within the area of the heater is getting wet and ruined. The contents of your sixty gallon tank are spreading throughout your basement with a nice deep pool forming around your entertainment center in the family room. The big screen TV is protected because it is hanging on the wall, but the blue-ray player and game console are sitting in the puddle. What action do you take first?

Responding to Leaks and Small Floods

The first thing to do when you notice water leaking or flooding inside your home is not to panic. You will make it through the crisis and you will figure out a way to clean-up the mess. The first thing to do, especially if there is a large flood and a great deal of water is spraying or gushing from a pipe or fixture, is to turn off the water supply valve. Find your main water supply valve and turn it off. Be sure to practice safety when you do this. Water and electricity do not mix and there may be hazards lurking in unexpected places.

After the water supply has been turned-off, contact your local Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service in Nashville. We are experienced in fixing water leaks, pipe breaks, and fixture problems. We will be able to quickly pinpoint the source of the leak and repair the problem quickly and efficiently. It is important that a professional perform any repairs on copper pipes that need to be soldered. Repairs like this require a high heat source. An experienced Roto-Rooter plumber will have the knowledge and equipment to do this work without causing a fire. To have a house fire in addition to a flood would only add to your stress levels.

Disaster Clean-up

After Roto-Rooter of Nashville repairs the water heater leaking or pipe burst that caused a flood in your home, you will need to address the issue of clean-up. Remember that this step in the process is critical. If you leave moisture sitting in your home, it will quickly lead to an invasion of mold. This can be hazardous to your health. Schedule a professional clean-up service to take care of all clean up of water and moisture from your home. You can prepare for their assistance by moving furniture and furnishing away from the affected areas that will need to be cleaned.

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