Water Heater Leaking: Choices in New Fixtures

Water Heater Leaking: Choices in New Fixtures

A problem with your water heater leaking can lead to stress and unhappiness. Since it is important that you have peace and happiness in your life, you should contact Roto-Rooter to check your heater tank and fix the leak. One of our technicians will arrive in a van or truck, which is loaded with numerous parts to fix your plumbing appliances. Our technicians are well trained and experienced in the trade. They will provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost to fix your heater, and then they will get to work. When you inspect their finished work, you will immediately notice that the area is as clean as when they arrived. You will never find any mud tracked on your floor, and there will be no surprises or hidden costs when you get the bill.

A leaking water heater can indicate a serious problem. Hopefully, the problem will be something simple, like a water supply connection that needs to be tightened. If your plumbing technician finds that the tank is worn-out and needs to be replaced, don’t panic. A water heater is a mechanical device that gets used every day. Naturally, it will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. The magical thing is your plumbing specialist will advise you on exactly what you need to replace your old one. He or she will advise you of any upgrades that are available. We can install a new heater very quickly so there is minimal down time.

Having your water heater break is a good excuse to review all the new products on the market that may work more efficiently than your old system. Perhaps you would like to examine a new technology in water heating.  Discuss the possibilities of a tankless water heater with the technician. These new systems are designed on what is called an “on-demand” principle. That means that there is no water being heated in a tank to be stored until you are ready to use it. With an “on-demand” tankless system, your hot water is not heated until you turn on the faucet.  Using a system like this, you will never again have to deal with a water heater leaking all over your utility closet floor.

Your Roto-Rooter specialist will research the best possible deal and advise you on the various options you have in a water heater replacement. With a new, more efficient system, your savings will be great and you can trust that your new heater will be installed correctly to give you years of satisfaction.

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