Water Conservation Efforts Help Businesses See Green

Water Conservation Efforts Help Businesses See Green

Water conservation is finally becoming good business for companies that are engaging in it. Plumbers like Roto-Rooter who service a long list of large A-List commercial customers have been demonstrating the financial benefits of going green for a long time. Water and sewer costs are on an upward trajectory so it really makes sense for businesses to control costs by making modest investments in low-flow faucets, more efficient toilets, sprinkler systems and water heaters.

“Going green” has long been a favorite buzz term for businesses. It gets them good press and makes most prospective customers feel good about doing business with socially responsible green companies. But let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier to go green if businesses can also enjoy a financial reward for their green efforts. Such is definitely the case today with “green plumbing.” The cost of smart, miserly plumbing fixtures has come down and their reliability is better than ever. Commercial grade plumbing faucets that automatically turn on a perfect spray for washing hands and then turn themselves off again have become the norm in commercial restrooms. When we witness the lasting effects of the drought in some of the Western states, we get a better understanding of just how scarce fresh water is becoming.

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service is calling on all businesses to get serious about water conservation. Make an appointment with your plumber to talk about ways your business can use less water. Get up to speed on water conservation fixtures by visiting our ROTOGreen pages and by checking out the EPA’s WaterSense website. Green plumbing fixtures will pay for themselves in a very short period of time via lower water and sewer bills. But it’s not just smart, green fixtures that will cut down on water costs. Have your plumber check your system for plumbing leaks. Fixing leaks and tuning up old toilets and urinals will make a huge difference in utility costs.

Have you ever visited a public restroom and noticed a toilet or urinal running continuously? Roto-Rooter put together a video to demonstrate how much water a running urinal can waste and how much it costs the business owner with each passing minute (based on the average cost of water in the U.S.). We think it’s an eye-opening video and we urge business owners and managers to see it for themselves on our YouTube channel. Go here to see the video now. Then get busy fixing leaking plumbing fixtures at your business. Your bottom line will thank you and so will your customers.

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