3 Ways to Tell Them Their Christmas Gift is a Water Heater Repair

3 Ways to Tell Them Their Christmas Gift is a Water Heater Repair

Have you ever had that great idea for a Christmas gift for someone and then out of necessity had to change those plans and help them with something a little more practical? That is not fun but it is necessary at times. While water heater repair is not sufficiently large enough in cost to make you change plans for the gift that you are going to give someone, it can be fun to tell them it is. Here are the top three ways that you can let someone know that you spent the money for their Christmas gift on repairing the water heater.

  1. Type up a letter that explains you had to pay for the repair on the water heater and therefore you do not have any money left to buy them a gift. Put that letter in an envelope and then wrap that envelope in a box and then wrap that box inside of another box and that box inside of another. Make sure that they will need to open several gifts to get to the letter. This will build excitement and anticipation, only to have that large let down and hopefully a meltdown that you can capture on video before telling them where their real gift is.
  2. Pre-warn the person before Christmas day that they are not going to be getting any gifts because you had to pay to have the water heater repaired. This allows this joke to go on for several days while they get more and more upset about the dumb water heater and how that ruined their Christmas. They will be as frustrated as you were when you learned that the water heater was down and out. Of course, when they wake up Christmas morning with no anticipation of presents they will be very excited to see that they still get Christmas. Again, make sure that the camcorder is rolling to capture the funny moments.

When Christmas morning comes let everyone open their gifts as normal. Then, before anyone opens any of their toys ask them not to touch them because you are going to need to return them to the store to get your money back so that you can have money to buy food. Let them know that the reason for this is because of the recent water heater repair has taken the money for the food for the upcoming month and therefore this is the solution that you have come up with. Then, let them be excited again when you tell them that you are teasing them.

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