Toilet Troubles

Toilet Troubles

Any Denver plumber will tell you a toilet is a delicate balance. The level of water in the tank, the speed of the water, the air pressure in the system and the amount of water in the bowl all have to be perfect for a modern toilet to flush properly.

Here are some ways to assess toilet plumbing problems:

  • Take a mop bucket,  fill it with approximately 3 gallons of water and pour it into the toilet bowl. If it backs instantly there is a blockage and you will need to auger it.
  • If the toilet flushes normally after you pour water into it, test it 3 times. If it fails at any time there is a problem with the pipe below the toilet. (You will need to refill the bowl to normal pre-flush level before each test.
  • If the tank is not refilling the bowl properly the toilet will not flush every time. To determine this,  remove the small 1/8 inch plastic tube that goes above the water level from the fill valve on the left side of the toilet tank. See if there is a fast stream of water entering the tube and refilling the bowl. If there is not, there is most likely a problem between the tank and the bowl.
  • If flowing water is not providing enough power check the jets to determine if there is a clog. Also, check the rim, if there is something inside the rim, you will need to replace the toilet.
  • Check the flapper, if it does not stay floating long enough, the water will only partially leave the tank. If there is a problem the flapper can easily be replaced.
  • Get your vent cleaned and/or have a camera inspection to detect further blockage or a drain clog.
  • Determine your toilet's age. Older toilets tend to accumulate more mineral deposits, because they lack the glaze that modern models have.  Over time build-up accumulates in the unglazed ceramic ultimately slowing down the water flow.

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