Toilet Repair Techniques and Tips

Toilet Repair Techniques and Tips

It can be quite frustrating to deal with all the different chores that a house demands of you. Between all the other things you have on your weekend list, maintenance and repair of household appliances, systems, and structural issues can eat away the bulk of your schedule in no time. One of the most important parts of a house, which demands your time and attention, is the plumbing. With a little bit of help from Roto-Rooter, you can take control of your home plumbing system and still have time to spare. Utilizing industry standard techniques and tools, we provide you with an array of products and services that will help you tackle any problem quickly and easily. In an effort to make home plumbing even easier to handle, we have assembled the following guide for toilet repair in Oklahoma City to help you.

Supplies to Purchase

  • Toilet plunger—the toilet plunger can help you fix light to medium clogs. Keep one handy beside every toilet bowl in the house to be ready as soon as a problem arises.
  • Rubber gloves—due to the nature of toilet clogs and what is most likely causing the blockage, it is not a bad idea to use cleaning gloves to protect yourself from getting dirty.
  • Plumbing snake—for hard to reach clogs that remain elusive to your plunging efforts, a snake (also called an auger) can get you as close to the source of the problem as possible.
  • Roto-Rooter drain care products—after all that you do to get blockages removed, these products will help keep future clogs at bay.

Steps for Success

Follow these troubleshooting steps to properly complete toilet repair in Oklahoma City.

  1. Always start out plunging with a toilet plunger. Even if the clog cannot be removed with just a plunger, you will probably be able to force a little of the clog away in order to allow water, backed up in the toilet bowl, to drain. There are two types of plungers: toilet plungers and sink plungers. Toilet plungers have a deeper cup.
  2. If plunging doesn't immediately fix the issue, grab some cleaning gloves and a plumbing snake. Make sure that the snake is long enough to reach the source of the problem. Now, pull out whatever is causing the blockage. You may need to do this several times. Only use a rubber coated cable that won’t scratch your toilet’s porcelain.
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