Toilet Repair Guide from Roto-Rooter

Toilet Repair Guide from Roto-Rooter

The joys of taking care of a home plumbing system are diverse and plentiful. From fixing a leak in the basement to unclogging a toilet, you will find that the plumbing system in your home requires a great deal of energy on your part to continue functioning properly. Because every system is put together in a unique way to match the layout of your living space, the types of problems that creep up on you will be unique. No matter what kind of issue you have to deal with next, Roto-Rooter has everything you need to tackle the problem—no sweat. Since 1935, we have been providing excellent service and products to make sure that your home plumbing never gets out of hand. Because we want to continue to satisfy our millions of happy customers, we've compiled this guide to help you better troubleshoot and execute toilet repair in your home.

Required Materials

  ·         A toilet plunger—the bulk of what happens in a toilet bowl is usually due to system hiccups and small blockages that can be easily resolved with a toilet plunger.

  • Work gloves—it is important to have a pair of plastic or rubber-work gloves close by so that you can keep your hands spotless when things get dirty.
  • A plumbing snake—depending on how serious the blockage turns out to be, a good plumbing snake can pick up where the toilet plunger left off.
  • Roto-Rooter cleaning products—these will promote good drain health and help ward off future clogs.

Steps for Success

 Use the following guide to successfully perform toilet repair in your home:

1.       No matter how simple or complicated the situation may be, grab the toilet plunger you keep stowed right next to the bowl to plunge and work out a clog that is forming. In most situations, a few minutes of plunging will restore full drain capacity.

  1. If for some reason your plunging efforts have not successfully restored drainage, put on a pair of work gloves and grab the plumbing snake. If it is long enough, the plumbing snake will be able to get you in close on the action and help you hook and pull out even the most serious of blockages. You may need to go down with the snake several times.
  2. Finally, finish off your efforts by using Roto-Rooter cleaning products to help strip away gunk and grime and to prevent future clogs from having a chance to form.
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