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Toilet Maintenance 101

May 25, 2016

When it comes to helpful kitchen features, odds are your garbage disposal is at the top of the list. This electrically powered waste unit pulverizes food so that it can pass through your plumbing. By using your garbage disposal instead of your trash, you're protecting your kitchen from food odors and you’ll deter pests. Like most plumbing fixtures, however, it's extremely important that you use your garbage disposal the right way to ensure the overall safety of your Abbotsford, British Columbia, home and its plumbing system. Here's what you should not put down your garbage disposal:

Fat or grease

It may be tempting to pour the grease left from your skillet down the drain, but this is incredibly harmful to your drainage system. Grease is thick and doesn't break down inside your pipes, which means it will just cause blockages. Your grease may be hot and in liquid-form now, but once it cools, it will harden, stick to the pipe walls and form clogs. Pour that oil into an old can or disposable cup or can, let it cool and congeal, then toss it in the trash.

Fibrous foods

Carrot peels and onion skins may sound like the perfect materials to toss down your garbage disposal, but that's not the case. These substances, in high quantity, can stick to the sides of your pipes and wrap around the shredder ring of your disposal. The same goes for stringy vegetables like asparagus and celery, as well as corn husks because of their long, stringy fibers. Most likely, your disposal won't grind them and you'll need to clean the garbage disposal thoroughly to get it working properly again.

Bones or large pits

You probably know that tossing bones down your disposal is a big no-no, but smaller bones can sometimes hide within your meat scraps. The same is true for large seeds or pits in fruit. These scraps are too dense and hard to be broken down. Keep this in mind before tossing anything down the drain.

Non-food materials

Don't put any non-food items down your disposal drain. That includes anything from cigarette butts to small pieces of paper. Your grinder won't be able to fully break these materials down, which can cause extensive and expensive repairs for your disposal and maybe your pipes, down the road. Be sure to regularly clean your garbage disposal to prevent problems. If this fixture does get clogged, try the tips in our How to Unjam a Garbage Disposal video and if those helpful tips don’t work out for you, pleanse don't hesitate to call us at Roto-Rooter of Abbotsford, British Columbia. We'll send out an experienced professional plumber to fix it for you.


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