Tips on Septic Systems from Roto-Rooter Plumbers in Jersey City

Tips on Septic Systems from Roto-Rooter Plumbers in Jersey City

Our Jersey City plumbers know what they are doing. They are trained to respond to your home when there is a crisis. They are ready to help whenever you have any plumbing problem that is too big for you to handle. They will even help with your septic system! Do you have a tank that needs to be pumped? They can help!

Septic systems are installed on many homes throughout the country. They are efficient and relatively inexpensive systems that dispose of the sewer waste from your home. Here is how these systems work and a few tips on keeping yours trouble-free:

How a Septic System Works

If you are not hooked to a city sewer system, when you flush your toilet, empty the tub or sink, or wash your laundry, the waste flows out of your house and into the septic tank. This tank is buried a few feet under the soil in your yard. As soon as the waste enters the tank, it begins a separation process. The solid waste products (sludge) settle to the bottom of the tank. The fatty substances (scum) rise to the top. All the liquid (effluent) flows out of the tank and into a system called a drainfield. The drainfield is buried in your yard just beyond the septic tank. In the drain field are a series of perforated pipes. The effluent seeps through the perforations and enters the soil. The soil acts as a filter for the effluent by removing all the impurities as it seeps and filters down through the dirt, gravel, and rocks.

Important Considerations for a Septic System

Your septic tank needs to be pumped every few years. The build-up of sludge in the tank eventually will reach the top. Call a Roto-Rooter service center to schedule your next tank pumping.

Be sure that you do not overload your septic system. Each system is custom designed for the size of home it services. A typical system can handle roughly fifty gallons of waste per day. If the system becomes overloaded, you may notice effluent forming in small pools in your yard. If this happens, contact the Jersey City plumbers at Roto-Rooter as soon as possible in order to correct the problem.

Remember that not all soils are capable of sustaining a septic system. Before installing a septic tank and drainfield, have your soil tested by the local health department. If your soil cannot be used, consult with your contractor for possible resolutions. It is possible to have the correct type of soil hauled in and installed where it is needed.

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