Tips on Plumbing Maintenance

Tips on Plumbing Maintenance

Do you know how to flush out your water heater? Have you ever had to replace the pump in your sump system or install a new kitchen faucet? Many fixtures inside your home need occasional attention in order to stay operational. If you are not familiar with the maintenance of these appliances, you most likely rely on an experienced Roto-Rooter plumber in Boise ID to keep those items in good repair. Here are some tips that you can do yourself to keep your plumbing fixtures maintained.

Food Disposal

The most important thing to remember about a food disposal is not to put anything into it that would clog your drains. The appliance itself will grind most food items, but many of them will clog in your drainpipe. Foods to avoid putting into your disposal are potato peels and any other rinds and peels from fruit and vegetables. If you wish to clean your disposal system, run a lemon through the system—without the peel, of course.

 Water Heater

Your home’s tank water heater will last for a very long time if maintained properly. The tank should be flushed about once a year. Sediment and calcium build-up will reduce your heater’s efficiency and will eventually cause the heater to fail. Flushing the tank is not that difficult. Turn off the water supply to the heater and hook a hose to the drain. Place the hose end in a place that will safely receive hot water and then open the drain valve. After the water has drained, open the fresh water supply and allow any remaining sediment to flow out. It is also necessary to replace the tank anode to keep your system in good working order. Remove the anode from the top of the unit and replace it with the correct type for your particular model.

Sump System

Your home’s sump system works tirelessly to keep ground water from flooding your home. In areas where there is a high water table, the surface water will collect and flood structures. A sump system removes the water and sends it into the storm drain system. You will recognize this appliance in your utility room or in the crawl space under your home. Check this system every year, preferably in the springtime. Lift the pump float and make sure the motor starts. Clean any hard water deposits off of moving parts.

For professional assistance with any of your home maintenance, be sure to contact your experienced Roto-Rooter plumber in Boise ID.

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