Tips from a Plumber: The 411 on Your Garbage Disposal

Tips from a Plumber: The 411 on Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is designed to help reduce trash in the kitchen. It works by breaking food items down into smaller pieces so that they can more easily be washed down the kitchen sink. However, over time, these small food particles can add up to make a big mess. This mass of particles can spell disaster for your disposal by causing clogs, unsavory smells and other problems.

How to Use Your Disposal Properly

Before using your disposal, run cold water for at least three seconds. Slowly add any food that you need to dispose of, continuing to run cold water. Once the motor has cleared the food, allow the water to run for at least another five seconds. This will ensure that all food particles have traveled through the plumbing system.

Certain foods should never be put into your disposal. Potato peelings, banana peels, paper products, grease, rice, bread, celery and other stringy foods, pumpkin pulp and bones are some items that do not grind properly. They could cause a clog in the disposal or in the drain lines.

Maintaining Your Disposal

In order to ensure that your disposal can work optimally, it is important to keep it properly maintained. At least once a week, fill your sink with hot, soapy water and drain it out of the sink with the disposer running to fully flush the disposal and your pipes. To minimize odors from the disposal, consider grinding ice cubes with lemon peels in your garbage disposal to help minimize any smells.

Call a Plumber

If you need to call for a plumber to service your disposal, a number of plumbers in Worcester, including Roto-Rooter, offer free estimates. A skilled professional will be able to diagnose and solve whatever is ailing your garbage disposal. Your plumber can also advise you about preventing future problems.

Roto-Rooter, your plumber in Worcester is your best source of information and assistance. If your disposal is backed up or is not working properly, then it is important to call a plumber before the problem becomes any worse.

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