Tips for Conserving Water in Your Pasadena Bathroom

Tips for Conserving Water in Your Pasadena Bathroom

BathroomWater efficiency is extremely important but the people of Brooklyn already know that. Not only does cutting down on water use help you lower your monthly bill, it also lets you contribute toward a greener Earth. So what can you do to conserve water in the bathroom?

Cut down on those showers

By far, the least efficient part of the bathroom is the shower. Although there really isn't anything like hopping into a long, hot shower after a tough day, these water dispensers are incredibly inefficient. Basically, the problem stems from how people use them. Most homeowners turn the shower on and sit outside, waiting for the water to warm up. Actions like this end up wasting quite a lot of water.

In fact, researchers at Berkeley discovered that, during the course of the average shower, around 30 percent ends up getting wasted.

So, if you want to cut down on your water bill, try taking shorter showers or less water pressure. If you're really dedicated, you should attempt turning the shower on to wet yourself, turning it off to soap up and then turning it on again to rinse.  

Turn the sink off when you're brushing your teeth

Another problem a lot of people have in the bathroom is forgetting to turn off the sink after they wet their toothbrush. This is especially true if you're one of the people that gets bored while brushing and likes to walk around their house. Do yourself and the environment a favor and turn off that faucet before you get to wandering.

Reconsider that flush

There's a misconception floating around that not flushing every time you use the toilet is unsanitary. While this may be true of bowel movements, avoiding a flush after urinating is actually a solid way to save water in your house. In fact, too much flushing can actually spread bacteria. Flushing can give bacteria enough momentum to get out of the toilet.

So, if you're really looking to save water, just let that yellow mellow. It's not hurting anybody, and you'll end up with a smaller water bill.

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