Three Ways Tree Roots Cause Headaches for Homeowners

Three Ways Tree Roots Cause Headaches for Homeowners

There are many perks to having a tree in your yard. A tree can improve the look of your yard, provide shade on hot day, may bear fruit, and can even help cut down on energy costs in your home. Unfortunately, there are downsides to having trees as well. Even if everything may look good above ground, a tree’s root system can be several times longer than the tree is tall, and those roots can cause headaches for homeowners in a few different ways.

Plumbing Problems

The pipes that bring water to and from your home may be susceptible to root growth. Depending on the type of pipes you have, roots may be able to grow between the seams, and as they grow more and more dense they can create clogs. If tree roots are already causing problems in your plumbing, you can call a plumber to have your system snaked, which will remove the root growth. To prevent future root growth, look for products by Roto-Rooter in Bend, OR, such as Root Destroyer, which are formulated to stop roots in their tracks.

Foundation Problems

Tree roots can compromise the foundations of a home, but perhaps not in the way that you would think. Unlike pipes, concrete foundations don’t have seams for roots to grow between, so you probably won’t be seeing root growth in your basement any time soon. However, if a tree’s roots are close to the foundation of the home, they will suck up all the water in the soil. As the water is sucked from the soil, and as the roots grow bigger and begin to move the soil, pockets can be created around the foundation. Because there is no longer soil in these places, the foundation may buckle outward.

Cracked Pavement

While tree roots can’t grow within concrete, they can grow between and underneath it. If you have a large tree close to your sidewalk or driveway, roots can grow to lift or crack the concrete. Removing these roots and redoing the concrete is an expensive and arduous project, so it is best to prevent these root problems before they happen.

Choosing Trees

The best way to avoid headaches caused by tree roots is to choose the right types of trees for your yard. Before purchasing a tree, ask for information about its root system at the nursery you purchase it from, or research the tree online. Avoiding tree root problems doesn’t mean stripping your yard of trees, there are plenty of trees that can be grown safely in a yard, even within a few feet of the home itself.

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