Three Ways a Cell Phone Can End Up in Your Toilet

Three Ways a Cell Phone Can End Up in Your Toilet

Nothing makes you feel more embarrassed than dropping your cell phone in a toilet. What’s even worse is when it somehow continues on down the drain. You may feel like you are alone in your struggle, but you’d be surprised how frequently plumbers  come across situations like this. Cell phones are an important part of many people’s lives these days, but there are a lot of ways that their owners can be careless or clumsy, and this is what eventually leads to a watery grave (though sometimes they can be recovered).

Toilet Texting

Some people use their phones while using the toilet. Most people will agree that this is gross to think about, but that doesn’t stop a surprising amount of people from doing it anyway. Not only are they getting germs all over their phone, but all it takes is a slip and that expensive electronic device is going for a swim. Whether you’re sitting down or standing up, and regardless of how long you’ll be there, that text message, phone call, or website you’re browsing isn’t worth losing your most prized possession.

The Pocket Slip

Most people keep their cell phones on their person at all times, but our pockets might not always be as secure as we think they are. If you keep your cell phone in your pants pocket, there is little chance of your phone falling into the toilet because of tighter pockets and the location of the pants (on the ground). The more frequent culprit of smartphone drowning is the jacket pocket. The motion of sitting down can swing the jacket and dislodge the phone from the loose pocket. Or, if you take off the jacket before using the toilet, you may forget your phone is in there and accidentally swing it out.

When Kids Attack

While it may seem like kids are naturally mischievous, it would be more appropriate to call them naturally curious. Anybody with a touch screen phone and a small child has probably noticed how much the child is drawn to the phone. The other thing children are drawn to is the toilet. With the press of a lever they can watch the water swirl and disappear, taking with it whatever was in the toilet bowl. All it takes is a curious kid with access to your phone and a few unsupervised moments and your phone may have a new home in your plumbing.


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