Three Reasons Hair is the Enemy of Plumbers

Three Reasons Hair is the Enemy of Plumbers

Super Mario, Nintendo’s superhero plumber, fights turtles (technically called Koopas) and tries to defeat their evil king Bowser. In real life, plumbers have a different enemy (turtles are of little concern to real plumbers), and that enemy is hair. If you’ve clogged your drain with hair, you may need to call a plumber in Jamaica. Plumbers make thousands of house calls each year to do battle with these long strands of concentrated evil, and while the plumbers usually come out on top, these are only battles in a larger, endless war. Where does this mutual hatred come from? There are a few reasons that plumbers are constantly at odds with hair.

Hair Everywhere

When it comes to bathrooms, hair is everywhere. You may think it’s safely attached to your head, but each time you shampoo your hair in the shower, or brush your hair over the sink, strands are being pulled loose. The longer the hairs, the quicker they accumulate, and this is why bathrooms shared by multiple females can quickly turn into hairy messes. People just keep growing hair, and that hair keeps accumulating in bathrooms.

Clumpy Hair Globs

Hair has a way of clumping together and catching on things that makes it a common culprit of drain clogging. As water runs into the toilet or sink, the hairs that have fallen from a person’s head and body are carried down the drain. Once the hairs are in the pipe and out of reach, they can stick to the drain, pipe, or other hairs to create a chain reaction that eventually blocks the flow of water. This is usually when the plumber is called in.


There are many causes of plumbing and toilet clogs that plumbers have to deal with besides hair, but few of them are as gross. When you pull a hair ball out of a drain, there’s no way of telling whose hair that is or what part of the body it came from, and it’s not only hair, but also whatever else has been caught in its strands. It takes all the mental fortitude of plumbers to remove these monstrosities without feeling queasy.


You’re probably wondering what you can do to help out plumbers in their endless quest for victory, and fortunately, there are a few easy ways to keep hair at bay. For starters, don’t wash hair down the drain or flush it down the toilet if it can be thrown away instead. This means if you’ve just shaved or had a haircut, sweep or wipe the hair into a garbage can. To prevent the unavoidable hairs from building up in your drains, you can pour certain chemicals down your drain to dissolve the hairs.


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