Three Advantages of Converting Your Toilet to Dual Flush

December 07, 2015

Some toilets are dual flush, which means they have separate flushes for liquid and solid waste. The main advantage of a dual flush toilet is you can conserve water without sacrificing flushing power. If you want a dual flush toilet you can either buy a brand new toilet or you can retrofit or convert your existing toilet to dual flush. Converting your existing toilet to dual flush has a few major advantages.

Water Conservation

The biggest advantage of having a dual flush toilet saving  water. Conserving water is a major issue, especially in dryer areas. If we ever get to the point where people turn on their tap and nothing comes out, chaos out will ensue. Fortunately, new products like dual flush toilet kits are growing in popularity and can curb our water usage before it becomes an even bigger issue.


A big advantage of using a dual flush toilet converter kit rather than installing a whole new dual flush toilet is the price. The nicest kits are a few hundred dollars, but a decent kit can be had for fewer than one hundred. Pay special attention to the extremely cheap kits to make sure you know what you’re getting. The money you spend will be made up in water saved very quickly.

Easy Install

Each kit has its own installation instructions but for the most part, these kits are extremely easy to install. Some kits even boast installation time of 10 minutes. Most kits only require you to remove the lid to your toilet tank and make a few simple adjustments and attachments with simple tools. Even the most intricate of kits are much quicker and easier to install than an entire new toilet.

Choosing a Kit

There is more to choosing a kit than price alone, you also need to make sure the kit will fit in your toilet. Unless you have an extremely old or unusual toilet, there should be a kit available that will work. If you feel uncomfortable choosing and installing a kit on your own, call a local plumber for advice or to install the kit for you.


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