Three Advantages of a Career in Plumbing

Three Advantages of a Career in Plumbing

If you’re trying to decide on a career path to go down, there’s never been a more confusing time. The types of jobs available are changing every day, and you never know which type of education or training you’ll need for the future. Not only is the economy changing, but so is technology, so any job in the tech sector could become irrelevant or require further training in just a few years. If you’re looking for stability, you may want to consider a career in plumbing. Places like Roto-Rooter in Jamaica are frequently looking for the next generation of professionals. While a career in plumbing may not seem as glamorous as some other options, you may be surprised at some of the perks.


More and more people are heading to institutions of higher learning these days, but many forms of higher learning are abstract and don’t fully prepare a student for a job in the workforce. Most plumbers receive their education and training in the form of an apprenticeship. During this time, aspiring plumbers learn things like math, drafting, blueprint reading, and plumbing codes and regulations, but they also perform actual plumbing work under supervision. Most apprenticeship programs last four to five years like most undergraduate programs, but plumbers can make money while completing their apprenticeships and leave with plenty of work experience.

Work with Your Hands

Sitting in a desk all day is not for everybody, and if you’re a plumber, you can avoid a desk for most of the day. For those who have always preferred creating things with their hands to reading about things in books or writing papers or e-mails, plumbing is a great career. Every day and every project is a new experience. Whether you’re doing a repair or an install, at the end of the day you can look at something tangible that you created, or at least made function correctly.

Union Membership

Not all plumbers belong to a union, but if you’re going into plumbing you should look at the advantages of joining your local union. A union is a group of professionals in a particular field that group together for the purpose of bargaining with employers. Things that are bargained for include wages, working conditions, hours, and benefits. You’ll have to pay a fee regularly to maintain your membership, but many plumbers find that improved wages and other benefits more than make up for it

Is Plumbing for You?

While a career in plumbing has definite advantages, it isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like working in different environments and don’t like getting your hands dirty, you’re going to have a bad time. Otherwise, plumbing is a great career option you may not have considered yet.

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