Things That Could Rupture Your Pipes in Saint Paul

Things That Could Rupture Your Pipes in Saint Paul

The woe of a ruptured pipe: one of a homeowner's worst nightmares. The hassle of finding the rupture, spending hours and money on fixing it, and cleaning up the mess it caused doesn't exactly sound like a great way to spend your free time. That said, there are a few things you should know about your pipes and the things that could cause a rupture. Let's take a look:

Cold weather

Cold weather is the obvious culprit of a ruptured pipe, and in fact, it is the most likely cause. The water that's flowing into your home is colder than it is in the summer months, and colder even than the pipes themselves. This leads to your pipes freezing and contracting and could mean bad news as far as leaks. If left unabated, it could cause the pipes to burst.

One way to prevent this occurrence is by allowing your faucet to drip ever so slightly in freezing weather. This isn't a long-term solution; rather, you should do this if you haven't properly winterized your home before the cold set in. Next year, insulate the pipes and your crawl spaces prior to the first frost.

Too much pressure in the system

Another common cause of pipes bursting would be that there is too much pressure surging throughout the home. High water pressure causes leaks at best and ruptured pipes at worst - so knowing how and when to check for this issue is paramount. The maximum pressure for a home is recommended to be no more than 80 psi, so keep this in mind during pressure tests.

Tree rootsOutside factors

Sometimes, things outside of your control can happen. For instance, if you or your neighbors have one or more trees in your yard, it may be wise to have a plumber come out to check where the roots are in relation to your pipes. Maple trees are especially devious, because they have extensive roots. Silver maples in particular have canopies that stretch up to 60 feet, with the roots extending even farther. So be careful when planting new maple seeds, and have any existing trees checked for possible extensions underneath your home.

If you do have problems with ruptured pipes or need a second opinion on how you should prevent them from bursting, don't hesitate to contact your local plumber for an assessment.

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