Things Your Longview Plumber Wants You to Know

Things Your Longview Plumber Wants You to Know

Things Your Longview Plumber Wants You to KnowBeing a homeowner is serious business. It may feel like things are always breaking or rooms have to be remodeled. The truth of the matter is, taking care of a house is not easy. You'd be surprised at how many rooms in your home rely on your plumbing being in working order. If one pipe bursts or a faucet stops working, it can really throw off your everyday activities. This makes protecting your plumbing essential. Here are five things your Longview, Texas, plumber wants you to know.

Insulate your pipes

Sure, Texas winters aren't nearly as bad as the ones in the Midwest. The temperatures may go down a bit, and maybe the sun will hide out on some days, but all in all, the weather in Longview are fairly mild at all. And yet that doesn't mean your plumbing fixtures are as content as you are. To avoid potential problems, insulating your pipes is essential. Luckily, this job is simple and relatively inexpensive. Just head to your local hardware store to pick up pink insulation (the material found in unfinished basements and attics). Cut the insulation, and wrap it around your pipes. The insulation stores heat so your fixtures won't get too cold and risk freezing.

Check your heating

Insulation does nothing if your home's heat isn't working. Even if the Texas climate doesn't plummet to negative degrees, the colder temperatures can still affect your plumbing. Be sure to check your heating systems. Put your hands near the vents to see if the air is blowing correctly (or at all). In addition, make sure no pieces of furnishings, like a side table or a rug, are covering any floor vents you may have, otherwise the air won't be able to circulate around the house.

Use your garbage disposal the right way

Garbage disposals can really come in handy. It's a place for you to pitch your trash without having to worry about it getting odorous over time. However, most people are surprised to learn that not just anything can be thrown down your garbage disposal. In fact, there are several items that can negatively affect your plumbing. For example, any kind of grease from cooking hardens in your pipes and can block them altogether. Here are some other materials you should never throw down your garbage disposal:

  • Bones.

  • Vegetable peelings.

  • Grains.

  • Non-food items.

The rule of thumb is, if you have to ask yourself, "Can I put this in the garbage disposal?" the answer is probably no. Don't test it.

Keep an eye on your toilets

Bathrooms are essential to our everyday lives. Can you imagine a home without a working bathroom? Taking care of your toilets will help ensure you'll never have to. Make sure anyone who comes into your home isn't flushing materials that don't break down (essentially anything that isn't waste or toilet paper). Specifically, don't flush things like wipes, matches, tampons and cotton balls. These items can damage your systems and the environment as a whole. Be sure to include a small garbage can in your bathroom so people aren't tempted to flush these things. To ease your mind even more, hang a sign, like they do in restaurants, about not flushing down items. That way, you'll take all the precautions you can to protect your home.

Protect the plumbing in your bathroom.

Call a plumber

When it comes down to it, don't be afraid to give us over at Roto-Rooter a call. We have trained professionals on hand to come out and survey your home. They can determine the problem and get it fixed in a jiffy!

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