The Twin Cities Can Rely on Roto-Rooter | Roto-Rooter Blog

The Twin Cities Can Rely on Roto-Rooter | Roto-Rooter Blog

When it rains so much that the ground becomes saturated, things begin to go wrong. Sump pumps fail, basements flood and plumbers become so busy that they put you on a waiting list. Who wants to be on a waiting list when their basement is filling with water? Anyone who has ever been in that position just wants the sump pump fixed so the water stops flowing in and the basement can dry out and life can get back to normal.

Trusted and Recommended Since 1935

Roto-Rooter has long been the company that Twin Cities home and business owners call for fast, reliable plumbing and drain service but if

Roto-Rooter has state-of-the-art equipment for water restoration services

there was water damage, Roto-Rooter used to have to refer its customers to a water restoration company that would dry out the carpet and fix the damage caused by flooding. But now Roto-Rooter of Minneapolis and Roto-Rooter of St. Paul is a homeowner’s one stop shop. Roto-Rooter has all the know-how and equipment needed to take care of most any plumbing or water restoration job without the usual delay – because if we’re already on-site fixing your plumbing problem, it’s no problem for us to also take care of the water restoration duties too.

Too Much Rainfall Means Basements will Flood!

Lately, Minneapolis and St. Paul have received so much rain that the ground really can’t hold more, so the next time it rains, you can bet the water will find its way into more Twin City basements. Roto-Rooter has such a large staff of plumbers and water restoration experts in Minneapolis and St. Paul that you likely won’t wait for service. We can handle heavy demand for our services when most local companies will put you on their waiting list so remember to keep our number handy for 24 hour emergency service, 365 days a year. 612-788-4950

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