Situations that Make Your Property Vulnerable to Copper Theft

Situations that Make Your Property Vulnerable to Copper Theft

With the prices of copper going up, copper theft is becoming a real problem. Homes and businesses are filled with copper pipes, plumbing fixtures, and wiring, and if thieves can get their hands on them, they will take all they can and sell it as scrap metal. The worst part about copper theft is that while the thieves may only steal a couple hundred dollars’ worth of copper, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage getting to it. You’ll have to call a Roto-Rooter plumber in Boise to replace the copper and repair all that damage, which isn’t cheap. Fortunately, most copper is difficult to get at, so it’s unlikely a thief will target your property while you’re living there. Copper theft becomes more likely in certain scenarios where the copper is easier to access.

Vacant Residential Property

If you own a property that is currently vacant, whether it’s a seasonal home or it’s in the process of being sold, it is especially vulnerable to copper theft. There are signs that thieves look for to determine whether a home is being lived in or not, and if they decide it isn’t, they know they’ll have plenty of time to get in, get the copper, and leave the place a mess. If you have a property like this, you should take some steps to make the property look less vacant. Keep the lawn cut, the mailbox empty, and the blinds closed. You can also set up a few lights with timers so they will turn on at night. The last thing a thief wants is to be caught, so they will stay away from homes that look occupied.

Property in the Process of Rehab

If your property is currently being rehabbed or remodeled, copper thieves may be licking their chops. The home may not be lived in, walls and doors may be missing, the dumpster sits out front, and tools and materials are just sitting out in the open. Protecting property at times like this is important. You can set up portable alarm systems to alert you and scare off thieves attempting to break in, or you can ask neighbors to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious.

Commercial Property

Commercial properties are especially vulnerable to copper theft for two reasons. First, these properties are likely to have more copper materials than a residential property. Second, these places of business usually close for some part of the day, usually at night. This means the thieves will know exactly when the property will be empty. Some properties hire a night guard, install an alarm system, paint copper materials black to appear plastic, and install fences and alarms around air conditioning systems.

If you are responsible for a property that fits any of these descriptions, you should start considering some of these precautions.

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