The Three Grossest Items Found in Drains by Plumbers

The Three Grossest Items Found in Drains by Plumbers

The work of a plumber is not always easy. Sometimes it takes a strong stomach just to make it through a day of work without losing your lunch. Roto-Rooter plumbers in Boise get called for all sorts of jobs, but some of the grossest involve unclogging drains and toilets. Sometimes the source of the clog is something typical, like baby wipe, a wad of toilet paper, or roots, but other times the clog is caused by an item you wouldn’t expect to find in someone’s plumbing. Sometimes these items are silly, and sometimes they are downright gross. You’d be surprised at the gross things that plumbers have recovered from drains.

Prosthetic Eyeballs

Believe it or not, prosthetic eyeballs have been found in drains. When a person loses an eye, these prosthetics sit within the eye socket to replace it. Pulling an eyeball from a drain would be quite the gross-out experience, especially if you weren’t immediately aware that it was a prosthetic. Even if you know the eyeball is fake, that thing has been inside somebody’s face, right next to their brain!


Some people who have problems with their teeth choose to get rid of them, and replace them with dentures. Dentures get rid of tooth decay and the pain it causes while maintaining appearances and the ability to chew, but that doesn’t stop them from being a little gross. Most things that spend a majority of their time in another person’s mouth are not pleasant to touch or even look at, so when plumbers find dentures when unclogging a drain, it’s only natural to be a bit grossed out. Let’s just hope those dentures are either disposed of or cleaned extremely well before being put to use again.


There is a brief window of time where underwear is not gross, and that is the time between when you purchase it and when you first wear it. Once it’s used it becomes permanently gross, but when a plumber pulls up a pair of underwear from a toilet, you reach a whole new level of gross-ness. Not only has the underwear been worn by another person, but it has been soaking in dirty toilet water. And one can only imagine the circumstances that would compel a person to flush their underwear down the toilet.

True Professionals

We are all very fortunate that we have plumbers to handle these situations like professionals. When there’s a job to be done, they do it regardless of how gross it may be. Things that would haunt your nightmares don’t even faze a seasoned plumber.

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