The Sump Pump Replacement Help

The Sump Pump Replacement Help

No homeowner should have to deal with the constant trouble of a flooded basement. It seems that once a basement starts flooding, it is only a matter of time until it floods again. Depending on the construction of your home, having that much water come into contact with the structure could cause serious damage to the wood and drywall, which could cost thousands to repair. To keep gathering-water under control, no matter what the source of the flooding may be, you may want sump pump replacement. A sump pump will keep you ahead of the problem.

Steps for Success

Use the following steps as a guide for correct sump pump replacement today: 

  1. Locate your sump pit. It is usually in the lowest corner of your basement.
  2. If the pit is full of water, reach down and pull upward on the pump’s float switch to determine if it will turn on.
  3. Pour a bucket of water into the pit and make sure the float switch works properly and turns itself on, drains the pit and shuts itself off.
  4. Replace a faulty pump if necessary.
  5. Consider installing a battery-operated backup sump pump to protect your home.

Roto-Rooter is equipped to deal with any sump pump problems. Call our expert plumbers if you get in over your head.

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